Saturday, May 27, 2006

On Religious Persecution

So I'm not sure, but I think that this unreadable article actually sums up pretty much how I feel on the subject...only badly. The headline, at any rate, is totally awful. But the point is, it's not my problem, it's our problem. Sort of along the lines of that "When they came for me" poem, really.

The headline (and to an extent, the article) makes it seem as though Jews are opposing anti-gay ammendments because Jews believe in marriage equality. But of course, Jews don't agree on that any more than on any controversial issue since, say, destruction of the Temple--pro or con. The problem is, if you allow a precedent for the government to make laws based in religion or discriminating against the practices of a certain religion (and there are many religions that do approve of--and sanctify--marriages between adults of the same sex), what is to prevent the government from later making laws that target certain religions in particular? If we allow this, could we really prevent future laws, say, banning brit milah (circumcision), for instance?

Yeah, I'm getting extreme and jumping ahead, but if voters have no compassion for others, let them look out for themselves. This is not an attack on the LGBT community alone.

On a completely unrelated note: if you're bored and need something to pray for, Arona bat Chana could use a good thought now and then...


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